Landmarc. Event Locations is a searchable database dedicated to showcasing Ministry of Defence properties that are available for commercial use. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is one of the UK’s largest landowners with some 600,000 acres, consisting of some 4000 built and rural sites. There are more than 45,000 buildings (excluding housing), including barracks, bunkers, naval bases, historic buildings, hangars and warehouses. The rural estate includes areas of outstanding natural beauty such as woods, plains and lakes, many of which are untouched by modern buildings or features. To find out more about filming on the MOD estate please go to Working With Us and select About Us. Please Note: This website is not yet fully populated. Sites will continue to be added on a regular basis so please revisit.
  • longmoor-camp-fibua-training-areas-38.jpg
    Location: Longmoor
    Longmoor Camp is located by the A3 trunk road between Liphook and Petersfield in Hampshire and has been an army camp since early 1900’s. It consists of approximately 37 buildings, including accommodation blocks, kitchens, nissen huts, medical centre, a Sergeant and Officers mess, cinema, and a staged theatre.. As it has 24 hour security it can be used day or night.
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  • tregantle-47.jpg
    Location: Tregantle Fort
    Victorian stone fort with sea and beach views. Various rooms, keep, stone passages, stone arches, steps, corridors, dormitories and gates. Ranges are also at the site.
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  • footbridge-11.jpg
    Location: West Tofts
    The training area covers about 26,000 acres of varied terrain which includes woodland, pine forests, heathland, lakes, marshes, a river and several streams. Facilities available include firing ranges, dry training areas and a FIBUA village. There are three training camps on the periphery of Stanford Training Area offering all aspects of camp facilities.
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  • aldershot-b6-21.jpg
    Location: Aldershot
    There is a vast network of interconnecting sand and dirt tracks running throughout the area, with a variety of waterholes, banks and rough terrain. There are also paths running through woodland and open country.
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  • browndown-training-areas-2.jpg
    Location: Browndown
    Browndown Training Area on the south coast of England enjoys panoramic views across to the Isle of White. The site includes a disused Fort, hangar, beach and woodland with thick scrub.
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